Rules & Regulations
  • The College has provision of holding a general assembly every monday. All students and member of the staff are required to be present at the general assembly. The students are expected to come in the prescribed uniform on that day. A special fine will be imposed in case students do not observed this rule.
  • The College uniform shall consist of the following : Plain white dupatta,white shirt,white salwar, without any embroidery and black cardigan in winter.All the students are required to come in this prescribed uniform on monday, general assembly special functions and Annual functions. Students are required to come to the college neatly and modestly dressed and are severely probhited to wear jewellary and without sleeve dresses. No Embroidrey is allowed. Defaulters will be severely dealt with.
  • Students are required to attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each of the subjects.
  1. Students are required to take both september / december house examinations fixed according to the university rules.
  2. For September test , their will be one paper of 45 minutes in each subject and for the december test their will be two papers of 3 hours duration in each subject, i.e A and B separately.
  3. September test will carry weightage of 40% , the december test will have the weightage of 60% of marks in each paper/Subject. The total weightage will be of 10% marks in each subject. Weightage of 10% shall be added in each paper of B.A and I,II,III which will carry 90 marks.
  4. Internal assessment based on marks securedby student in house test will be sent to the controller of exams, P.U.Chandigarh latest by 15 march. 
  5. Internal assesssment Practical,Projects etc. will be usual. Students must have taken December House Examination fixed according to the University rules. 
  6. A student absenting herself without information from a house Examination shall not only be fined but also deemed to be absent.
  7. The Principal at5 her discretion may give a special test for valid reasons to the student who fail to qualify.But the students can not claim it as a matter of right.
  8. If any student is found Guilty of copying, she will be fined and serious action be taken against her.
  9. Students from other University/Board who have not passed their previous University Examination in English,as one of the Elective Subject may be admitted Provisionally, subject to the condition that they passed in the subject of English of the previous class of the Punjab University either in the supplimentary Examination following their admission or along with annual examination of the class they have been admitted.
  • To encourage performance in studies , prizes are awrded on the basis of result of the December test,Subject to certain rules which are notified to the students at the beginning of the academic year. i.e students must have passed in all subjects. Recognition is given for University result and special prizes and certificates are awarded for distinction in extra curricular activities and best story/Article/Poem/Writing Prize for maximum attendance in the Library is aloso given. 
    Note: The students who fail to attend rehearsal before the Prize Distribution Function will not be given their prizes afterwards. 
    Best Student Prize: A special prize for all round best student is given to a student of the final year class who distinguishes herself in studies, extra curricular activities, sports, athletics and has shown exemplart conduct during her stay in college. Student must have obtained 55% marks in studies.
  1. Leave will have to be applied on special form available from the office.
  2. Sick leave form must be supported by medical Certificate.
  3. Student must have applied before absenting herself from the college.In case of illness or emergency the leave application must be sent immediately and Photostate copy be kept by the student.
  4. Leave for one period will be sanctioned by the principal on the recommendation of the Incharge tutorial group.
  1. All students are expected and encouraged to play games. Adequate arrangements by way of grounds etc. exist for Hockey, Kabbadi,Football,Table Tennis,Badminton,Basketball,Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Athletics and Races.Gym has also been set up in the college.
  2. Absentees in games will be fined 2/- per day. All students participating in games must equip themselves with proper sports wear.
  • An application for withdrawal of name must be made by the Parent/Guardian otherwise the student is liable to pay all college dues incurred by not withdrawing her name.
  • The Magazine 'Avastha' is published every Year.Students are encouraged to contribute article, poems, short stories etc. to the various sections of college magazine.Special prizes are awarded to the best poem/artcle/story.
    The college Library and reading room provides about 21,000 valuable books, 95 Journals, periodicals and 12 news papers. The following rules of the library should be observed by the students.
  1. Students will be supplied with identity card and two Reader's tickets.
  2. Identity Card & Readers tickets are not transferable.The Librarian can at any time,call upon student to produce her identity card in support of her claim to draw a book on a particular ticket. student will be responsible for books drawn from the library on their ticket. 
  3. Loss of identity card or tickets must be immediately reported to the Librarian to avoid misuse of it by any one else.A sum of Rs. 5/- for readers ticket.
  4. The books will be issued to all the students for a period of fourteen days only including the day of issue.
  5. A fine of Rs.2/- shall be charged per day per volume kept after the due date.
  6. Any one who loses,defaces or otherwise damages a book or journal or a paper by tearing or removing pages shall have to bear the cost of replacement.In case the books is one of a set and is not available separately the student shall have to bear the cost of the replacemant of the entire set.
  7. There is annual stock checking in the library.All books borrowed from the library will have to be returned by the time notified for this purpose.
  8. (h) College has also established a book bank in the library. Students and teachers voluntrily donate the book in the book bank.To make the Book Bank upto date,new books are also purchased and added every year.
  9. Students are not allowed to bring their own books in the library.
  10. Money once deposited for the lose of books,is not refundable.
  11. Students are advised to read magazines,periodicals and journals in the library.But these will not be issued for home.
  12. An issued book can be called back by the librarian at any time.
  13. If there is a holiday on the day of return next day will be automatically considered.
  14. Student who has maximum sitting in the library will be awarded for getting full utilization of library.
  15. Two passport size photograph be deposited in the library for identity card at the time of admission.
  16. Photostate facility is available in the library.
  17. Books will be issued from Monday to Saturday during 2:00 p.m.
  • Two units of N.S.S. are working in the college in which 200 students can be come members every year.Every student of the college is expected to be the member of above societies and N.S.S. unit for their better growth in the college.
  • Every student is assigned a Tutorial group under the guidance of a teacher,who is expected to guide each one of her wards.Tutorial group meeting will be held on 1st and 3rd friday of the month in special period. Students will be divided into small tutorial groups and taught about moral values like displine,social manners,courtesy,cleanliness,health and traffic rules. However,these small groups will be merged with other groups in the month of Oct.11 and Feb.12,to impart lecture on inter disciplinary topics like Computer Education,Home Management,Library awareness,Banking,Small saving and Public speaking etc.