College Library
    The college Library and reading room provides about 21,000 valuable books, 95 Journals, periodicals and 12 news papers. The following rules of the library should be observed by the students.
  1. Students will be supplied with identity card and two Reader's tickets.
  2. Identity Card & Readers tickets are not transferable.The Librarian can at any time,call upon student to produce her identity card in support of her claim to draw a book on a particular ticket. student will be responsible for books drawn from the library on their ticket. 
  3. Loss of identity card or tickets must be immediately reported to the Librarian to avoid misuse of it by any one else.A sum of Rs. 5/- for readers ticket.
  4. The books will be issued to all the students for a period of fourteen days only including the day of issue.
  5. A fine of Rs.2/- shall be charged per day per volume kept after the due date.
  6. Any one who loses,defaces or otherwise damages a book or journal or a paper by tearing or removing pages shall have to bear the cost of replacement.In case the books is one of a set and is not available separately the student shall have to bear the cost of the replacemant of the entire set.
  7. There is annual stock checking in the library.All books borrowed from the library will have to be returned by the time notified for this purpose.
  8. (h) College has also established a book bank in the library. Students and teachers voluntrily donate the book in the book bank.To make the Book Bank upto date,new books are also purchased and added every year.
  9. Students are not allowed to bring their own books in the library.
  10. Money once deposited for the lose of books,is not refundable.
  11. Students are advised to read magazines,periodicals and journals in the library.But these will not be issued for home.
  12. An issued book can be called back by the librarian at any time.
  13. If there is a holiday on the day of return next day will be automatically considered.
  14. Student who has maximum sitting in the library will be awarded for getting full utilization of library.
  15. Two passport size photograph be deposited in the library for identity card at the time of admission.
  16. Photostate facility is available in the library.
  17. Books will be issued from Monday to Saturday during 2:00 p.m.