University Positions and Excellent Results Session 2015-16



Position holders and College toppers:- Alisha B.A. III 87.33% 1st in University, Mandeep Kaur B.Sc. F.D. 4th Sem 89.12% 4th in University (6th in Uni. In 3rd Sem) , Parminder Kaur M.A. Soc. 2nd Sem 80.50% 5th in University, Jeevan Jyoti B.Sc. F.D. 4th Sem 84.64% 6th in University, Gagandeep Kaur B.A. 4th Sem 86.25% 7th in University, Chetna Rani M.A. Soc 3rd Sem 75.25% 9th in University, Ritika Sharma B.Com 2nd Sem 81.23% 1st in College, Geetanjali Narang B.Com 4th Sem 79.67% 1st in College, Rupinder Kaur BCA 2nd Sem 76% 1st in College, Komal Vij BCA 4th Sem 67.42% 1st in College, Saleema B.Sc. F.D. 2nd Sem 78.85% 1st in College, Sheewali B.A. 2nd Sem 86.75% 1st in College, Dilpreet Kaur M.A. Hindi 2nd Sem 73.25% 1st in College, Jyoti M.A. Hindi 2nd Sem 73.25% 1st in College, Rekha Rani M.A. Hindi 4th Sem 72.12% 1st in College, Gurwinder Kaur M.A. Eco 2nd Sem 70.75% 1st in College, Simranjeet Kaur M.A. Eco 4th Sem 72.87% 1st in College, Priya Rani M.Sc.Math 2nd Sem 87.87% 1st in College, Megha Mahawar M.Sc.Math 4th Sem 74% 1st in College